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JHV Media Consult offers wide range of services

Media industry

JHV Media Consult is the Nordic agent and representative for ppi Media and OwnLocal, providing some of the most innovative and cost efficient products and services to the media industry. Through the partnership with these companies, JHV Media Consult is the point of entry in the Nordic marked.

Consulting and innovation

JHV Media Consult offers consulting services for a variety of areas like general it, project management and strategy on both high level and operational level. With 200+ projects around the globe, our service is professional and experienced, providing the optimal outcome.

Big Data and Public sector

JHV Media Consult is the Norwegian representative for Dataproces, a Danish marked leader in Big Data and integrated solutions. Dataproces, providing the public sector - with almost 50% of Danish municipalities on the customer list - are now entering the Norwegian marked.

Entering the Nordics

JHV Media Consult can offer consulting, advice and strategy for companies wanting to enter the Nordic marked. JHV Media Consult is also a proud member of the public run program "BusinessBroen" supporting Nordjyske companies entering the Norwegian market.


JHV Media Consult delivers highly professional photography services with 20+ years’ experience as a press photographer. Commercial, industry, products, portrait, events or sport are all within our area of expertise. Look up the "Portfolio" section in menu to see more.

Aviation news

JHV Media consult is a strategic partner for the leading Scandinavian newssite for the aviation industry – CHECK-IN.dk. The website was launched on a new platform in April 2016 – a platform and project delivered by JHV Media Consult, as well as ongoing development.



JHV Media Consult was established as an independent startup company in June 2014. The company is managed by Joakim J. Hvistendahl, that came with 25 years of experience from the media and software industry. Utilizing these experiences, and the marked knowledge in the Nordics – but also worldwide markets – has proven to be valid foundation for the companies customers and long term partners. Today JHV Media consult operating with profitable margins, and is a tax registered company in Denmark.

Management and chief consultant

Joakim J. Hvistendahl
Joakim J. Hvistendahl
Founder & CEO